Manufacturing Center of the Rockies

Pueblo’s industrial heritage, skilled workforce and diverse cluster of support businesses have led a new generation of world-class manufacturers to call Pueblo home; a location fostering long-term success. Below is our 4 areas of concentration for growth. They are not the only industries we work with.


Our four-season outdoor sports climate, close access to trails, rivers, lakes, skiing, whitewater rafting, backpacking, golf and hunting make it ideal for hands-on product development and testing where the products are being designed and manufactured.


The flagship of the rail industry cluster is the Transportation Technology Center under a contract with the Federal Railroad Administration. Evraz Rail, Rockla Concrete Ties, Chemtron Rail, L.B. Foster and others create a strong community of Rail related companies in Pueblo.


Pueblo is well suited for Hemp related agriculture, research and product manufacturing. Hemp products include oil, textiles, clothing, paper, building materials, food additives and fuel.


United Launch Alliance (ULA), United Technologies (UTC-Goodrich), Boeing and others have chosen to establish or expand significant operations in Pueblo, attracting similar manufacturers, suppliers and service companies



  • “I’ve been involved in helping the company open a few plants over the years and I’ve never had this kind of reception anywhere. This is amazing."

    Coronado Stone Products Scott Ebersole, President
  • We really believe it’s communities like Pueblo that will turn the economy of the United States around because they are in tune with their businesses, with their people and their markets. If every community were like Pueblo, we would not have a recession right now.

    pewag North America Mike Uhrenbacher, President
  • ULA is pleased to partner once again with Pueblo. We thank both the city and county for the collaboration, as well as the strong partnership we have enjoyed in the past and look forward to building on that with the new work we are bringing to the area.

    United Launch Alliance Bob Roberts, Director of Propulsion Systems
  • We look forward to being a member of this community and doing business here. Rocla’s customers include the largest railroad companies including BNSF and UP Railroads.

    Rocla Concrete Tie Peter Urquhart, President
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Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) will help you select a site to expand or relocate your business to Pueblo, Colorado, providing a single point of contact and comprehensive information to make it simple. We deliver a seamless connection to properties, influential business leaders and to local and state governments. PEDCO can provide custom site-search data as well as arrange for property tours, meetings with area companies, incentive negotiations and anything else to help you evaluate Pueblo. Everything we do is confidential until the company tells us otherwise and all services are provided at no cost to the prospective company. Call to start a conversation: 719-544-2000.

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Denver TV ad, closer ties with Colorado Springs on tap for PEDCO
Denver TV ad, closer ties with Colorado Springs on tap for PEDCO

Pueblo's job recruiters are getting busier in their own backyard.

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Striking Gold in Pueblo
Striking Gold in Pueblo


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Big R announces expansion!
Big R announces expansion!

  PUEBLO – Big R, the largest farm, ranch, and retail chain in Colorado will expand its distribution

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