PEDCO’s Mission: Attract, Retain and Expand primary jobs in Pueblo County.

OUR VISION: A Pueblo that provides opportunities for all.
PEDCO’s core values are Transparency, Community, Prosperity, Forward Thinking, Respect, Teamwork, and Diligence.

Whether you are expanding or relocating, PEDCO can help establish your business in Pueblo

Things to know about PEDCO


  • PEDCO’s purpose is primary job creation. A primary job is a full-time position in the private sector employment by manufacturing, business, commercial or service industries, producing, assembling, or distributing products, or providing services primarily or ultimately for sale consumption or use outside Pueblo.  This brings money into Pueblo from outside Pueblo.

  • PEDCO’s Operation is funded by membership dues.

  • The economic impact of PEDCO so far, is over $100 Million in sales tax revenue, and $9.4 Billion in salaries from new jobs.

  • All companies considering moving to Pueblo, require PEDCO to operate with the strictest confidentiality during negotiations.

  • PEDCO’s marketing efforts focus on selling the prospective company on Pueblo’s many wonderful features and strengths.

  • Companies brought to Pueblo by PECDO have been in Pueblo for an average of over 17 years.

  • Convincing companies to move here, often requires incentives to close the final gap in their decision.


The people of Pueblo came together in 1981 and formed PEDCO. Business people, large and small, and individuals dug into their pockets to find money to support PEDCO and its economic development efforts. They also gave of their time, available at a moment’s notice to talk to interested companies.

In 1984, Pueblo’s citizens voted to tax themselves to support economic development. The citizens continue to keep that half-cent sales tax in place. PEDCO uses the money for economic development incentives, funding certain capital projects and equipment purchases for new and expanding businesses.

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Pueblo - After the steel industry collapsed

Not so many years ago, Pueblo was facing 20% unemployment.  The future of the town would have been bleak had we done nothing.

"Pueblo Colorado, Lead On." ~Paul Harvey

Is there a single secret to success?  Get up when you fall down.  How did Pueblo get up when it fell down?

Creativity of PEDCO's Founders

If you want to make money, move to Colorado.  If you want to make A LOT of money, move to Pueblo, Colorado.   PEDCO’s founders had a very forward thinking approach to saving the city.

PEDCO's job is to attract new industry

What makes PEDCO so successful?  We have one mission in life – Attract new industry to Pueblo

How the Half Cent Sales Tax was born

Economic Development is a very competitive business.  Steve Wright explains how PEDCO founders had to think outside to box to compete with other communites.

The half cent sales tax fund is an important tool

A united Pueblo prospers!  The citizens of Pueblo are willing to fund a powerful tool needed for economic development.

PEDCO Powers Pueblo - 40th Anniversary Video

Meet Our Executive Team

Jeffrey C. Shaw
Jeffrey C. Shaw

President/CEO Prospects/Operations 719-544-2000

Joe O’Brien
Joe O’Brien

Vice President Prospects/Marketing 719-544-2000

Margaret Gaillard
Margaret Gaillard

VP-Operations             Accounting/Leasing 719-544-2000

Shannon Baker
Shannon Baker

Prospect and Marketing Coordinator

Miranda Hayes
Miranda Hayes

Mission Coordinator

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Workforce Project Coordinator 719-544-2000 ext 106

Steve Chorak
Steve Chorak

Workforce Project Coordinator 719-544-2000 ext 106

Our Board Members

2024 Elected Officers:

Chairman – Scott Robb- General Manager, H.W. Houston
Past Chair – Ashley Valdez- Area Manager, Xcel Energy
Chair Elect – Dominic Gallina – Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer, Bank of the San Juans
Treasurer – Florian Oppenrieder – General Manager, pewag Traction Chain
Secretary – Mike Cuppy – Vice President, NorthStar Engineering and Surveying, Inc.

Elected Members

Andrew Lang – COO, TR Toppers
Arnold Montoya – Assistant Building Official, Pueblo Regional Building
Bob Leach – RWL, LLC.
Dr. Constance Jones – CEO, Goal High School
Russ Drury – Medicare Mentors, LLC.
Todd Kelly – President/CEO – Colorado State University – Pueblo Foundation
Vinnie Mattivi – Pueblo Division Manager, Nunn Construction

Appointed Members:

Zach Swearingen – Pueblo County Commissioner
Sabina Genesio – Pueblo County Manager
Heather Graham – Pueblo City Council
Dennis Flores – Pueblo City Council


Nick Gradisar – Pueblo City Mayor
Seth Clayton – CEO, Pueblo Board of Water Works
Dr. Armando Valdez – President, CSU-Pueblo
Dr. Patty Erjavec – President,  Pueblo Community College
Brian Axworthy – Board Member, Pueblo West Metro District
Duane Nava – CEO, Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
Noah Commerford – CEO, Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce