Take off in Pueblo: 719-544- 2000

Colorado is the nation’s second-largest aerospace economy

The Pueblo region offers:

  • Proximity to: several military bases and renowned research laboratories
  • Pueblo Memorial Airport (K-PUB), is a regional airport located just minutes east of town.
  •          Primary Runway is 10,496 ft long X 150 ft wide
  •          Weight Capacity: Single wheel: 93,000 lbs, Dual Wheel: 170,000 lbs  Double Dual Wheel: 250.000 lbs
  •          Airport can reasonably handle Boeing 757-200 (however larger is possible)
  •          Field elevation: 4,729 ft above sea level
  •           130 based aircraft on average
  •           Category I Instrument Landing system available
  •           Air Traffic Control services available from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  •           3,100 acres of land dedicated to Air Operations Area
  •           United Express offers service to Denver International daily
  •           Several hangars available that can fit business aircraft, ready for building construction
  •           Pueblo’s wonderful weather means there are very few days that flying is difficult


  • Pueblo Community College has much success with partnering with incoming businesses to offer customized education and training.
  • Proximity to state universities that are among the world’s best for aerospace engineering.
  • Wages are competitive in the region compared with the State average.

Business Ecosystem

Colorado is home to over 180 aerospace companies as well as 500+ companies and suppliers that provide space-related products and services. Pueblo hosts an established network of organizations that can offer several benefits and resources to new and expanding companies.

Established companies include: Collins Aerospace, Doss Aviation / L3 Technologies, United Launch Alliance (ULA)

“ULA is pleased to partner once again with Pueblo. We thank both the city and county for the collaboration, as well as the strong partnership we have enjoyed in the past and look forward to building on that with the new work we are bringing to the area.”

– Bob Roberts, ULA director of propulsion systems

INTERACTIVE MAP: Discover the available resources and assets available to you along Colorado’s front range (a 2 hour radius from Pueblo, CO).



Low costs of doing business

Largest cash incentives in the state of Colorado

Opportunity and Enterprise Zones

Customized Training Programs

Abundant and low-cost energy

Transportation Hub - Interstate, U.S. Highway & Rail


300+ days of sunshine

Ample water supply

68.9 degrees average temperature

Air quality index=67


Industrial and commercial property & buildings available
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