Chemicals Manufacturing

  • Facilities designed to support chemical manufacturing
  • Full portfolio of utility services
  • Ample industrial water supply and commensurate wastewater treatment capacity
  • Ability to refine, store and ship your chemical products
  • Repurpose the power/steam generated from your processes within the state
  • “Shovel Ready” parcels available that shorten the building permit process
  • Analytical services staff and equipment
  • Ample supply of various biomasses (e.g. corn, switchgrass, algae)
  • Mature transportation system able to handle raw materials supplies
  • Access to abundant water supply


Phone : 719-544-2000
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• Innovative Incentives - Cash Grants
• Customized Workforce Training
• Transportation Hub - Interstate, U.S. Highway & Rail
• Low Cost of Living/Doing Business
• Water