PUEBLO – Today Boreas Campers, a manufacturer of custom, off-road and off-grid camper trailers announced it selected Pueblo, Colorado for the site of its new manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility at full capacity will employ 29 workers, paying a minimum average wage of $56,900 pre-benefit, and generate an estimated $1.65 Million dollars in annual payroll.   The new manufacturing facility will be located at the 3004 S. Prairie Ave.,  in the City of Pueblo.

“My wife and I are incredibly excited to move our growing business, Boreas Campers, to Pueblo.  After nearly a year-long search for a new home and facility for Boreas, Pueblo checked all the boxes”, said Matt Reichel, owner of Boreas Campers.  “The team at PEDCO were influential in the decision to make the journey south.  Joe O’Brien and Jeff Shaw were more than accommodating in showing us around the city and felt the pride taken of their hometown.  This was not only a business decision but also a people decision.  The affordability, access to the outdoors, and the bustling downtown was what sealed the deal for us and our company.  Pueblo will allow us to continue expanding Boreas Campers along with providing a great place for our family and the families of our team members.”

Boreas made the announcement at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, December 13, 2021. Details of the project include:

  • 29 guaranteed new full-time jobs with an Average Annual Salary: $56,900. (Pre-Benefit)
  • $696,000 from the City of Pueblo’s half-cent fund for economic development (contingent on approval from the Pueblo City Council)

“PEDCO is thrilled to work with Boreas on this great project for Pueblo,” said Jeff Shaw, President and CEO of PEDCO.  “Matt and his wife have been great to work with and see Boreas enjoying an incredible and prosperous future in Pueblo,” added Jeff Shaw.   “Pueblo is a great place for companies manufacturing products related to the outdoor recreation industry,”  said Ashley Valdez, Chairwoman of the PEDCO Board.   “Boreas will enjoy the ability to tap into Pueblo’s incredible manufacturing environment while at the same time enjoy the  beautiful outdoor recreation experiences Pueblo and the surrounding communities offer”, added Ashely Valdez.