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Jobs Announcement

New Jobs in Pueblo!

CR Minerals announces new manufacturing facility on Pueblo

PUEBLO – CR Minerals is a leading worldwide producer of high quality pumice products, based in New Mexico.  They have a range of applications including an additive in cement for stone veneer, concrete block, landscape rock and other uses in the construction industry. This new product mixes pumice with fly ash (currently from the Comanche Power plant) which makes cement last longer in the ready mix process.  They built a new $15 million facility here Pueblo, Colorado in 2017 as part of their Phase 1 development and currently have 17 full time employees. The CR Minerals facility is located at the St. Charles Industrial Park.

CR Minerals is proud to announce today an expansion of their current facility here in Pueblo. Details of the project include:

  • Approximately $11.0 million in capital investment
  • 8 new full-time jobs to be in place by May 26, 2023.
  • $160,000 from the City of Pueblo’s half cent fund for economic development (contingent on approval from the Pueblo City Council)

“CR Minerals Company, LLC is very excited about expanding it’s facility here in Pueblo.  The city and our experience so far represents a confluence of characteristics that we feel is instrumental to the success of our business,” said Ed Dvorak, Vice President of CR Minerals Co. We were extremely pleased that the City of Pueblo stepped up to assist us with this expansion as we considered other states for this investment. Ed continues by saying, “For instance, PEDCO and the City once again has been very easy to work with especially in the planning and development stage for our expansion.   The benefits that stem from the city’s 1/2 cent sales tax has additionally created an economically stimulating environment in which incentives have been provided to keep our business expanding and create an additional base for future growth.  And last, but certainly not least, is the people of Pueblo where we will be able to draw from a strong employment base and gain employees that will help us not only succeed but thrive and grow.” In summary, Dvorak says, “In short, the expansion of our current facility and location for CR Minerals represents an extremely important step for the growth of our company and we couldn’t envision it being situated in a better location than the City of Pueblo.”

“Pueblo is thrilled to be selected as the location for CR Mineral’s continued expansion.” said Jeff Shaw, President and CEO of PEDCO. “This is yet another example of how PEDCO and our partners collaborate to bring great jobs and economic opportunity to the community.  The investment from the City of Pueblo’s half cent sales tax fund and Pueblo amazing workforce and infrastructure were essential components in securing this project.”

About PEDCO:

The Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) is a member supported non-profit organization whose mission is to attract, retain and expand primary jobs. PEDCO works with city, county, state and community organizations to coordinate available resources for economic development.

COVID-19 Relief Options

Re-opening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting spaces


Federal Guidelines

CDC  Guidance


State of Colorado Guidelines

Right now, we are in Level 2: Safer at Home. Coloradans are no longer ordered to stay home, but are strongly advised to stay at home. Critical businesses are open and non-critical businesses are operating with restrictions.

State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Safer at Home Guidance

Public Health Guidance and Resources

Office Based Spaces

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Financial Resources

Over the last month of the COVID-19 Crisis, Federal, State and Local agencies have come together to offer relief options to businesses affected.

A list of these Financial resources is below.



SBA Funding Options

Payroll Protection Program Guide and Checklist


State of Colorado

Colorado SBDC – Small Business Response Resources

Colorado Small businesses – Alternative Funding sources Beyond Federal and State Programs

Energize Colorado Resources


Pueblo County

Pueblo County Business Loan Fund Emergency Policy Addition


City of Pueblo

1/2 Cent Sales Tax fund available for COVID-19 Relief


A Pueblo company is creating solutions for COVID-19 Protective Mask shortage

ActivArmor to Begin Producing Custom-fit, Low-Cost Reusable Respirator Masks with Bacterial Filtration Test Score Greater than 98.9%

Pueblo , CO – March 2 7 , 20 20 – Biomedical startup, ActivArmorTM, and the University of Maryland’s Robert Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices have joined forces to bring affordable custom-fitted, reusable respirators to healthcare workers using patent-pending filters made with 98.9% bacterial filtration material for Covid-19 Pandemic Healthcare Professionals.

ActivArmor Respirators: • Seal out airborne particulates – Tested and have passed FDA utilized permeability tests • Utilize patent-pending filter system, with material that achieves greater than 98.9% Bacterial Filtration Test (BFT) score. (Higher than P-95 filter systems on the market!) • Are transparent and designed for visibility of the healthcare worker’s lips while speaking, to ensure full patient/provider communication when voice may be muffled inside the mask. • Custom molded to the face for a perfect seal to lock out contaminants • Comfortable – custom formed to each individual’s face instead of traditional masks that seal by pressure on the mask, causing pressure bruising on healthcare workers • Lightweight – Only 0.5 mm thick to maximize visibility and reduce headaches/neck strain on healthcare workers • Low-profile – custom designed to face shape to eliminate interference in care by bulky, awkward masks • Remoldable – easily adjusted and re-molded as needed for seal or comfort • Reusable – durable and washable for safe re-use with long-lasting, replaceable filters • Affordable – starting at just $25

With the current shortage for hygienic, custom-fit, reusable N95 masks, ActivArmor is stepping up to fill the need and keep our front-line healthcare workers safe and protected. ActivArmor’s respirator designs have been tested and passed permeability tests used by the FDA, ensuring custom seal around the mask and the highest rated bacterial filters to address exposure risk experienced with many masks currently in use. The masks are hygienic, washable and re-usable with low-cost replaceable filters. ActivArmor has the capacity to manufacture thousands of respirators each day. Custom and standard designs are available to be pre-ordered on their website as of late Friday, March 27, with production starting the week of April 6. The design options are: • Custom-designed masks, fitted to each individual’s facial scan, using an iPad attachment. ($140 one-time custom mold design + $25 per respirator mask) • Standard designed, custom fitted masks come in Small, Medium, and Large, that can be thermoformed to the face. ($25 per respirator mask) Additional filters can be purchased for $5 each ($10 per pair)

ActivArmor is a Colorado-based company that provides a hygienic, waterproof alternative to traditional casting and splinting through 3D printing. Their casting solutions are used by hospitals and orthopedic clinics across the country, allowing those with injuries requiring immobilization to continue to swim, bathe, shower and wash their hands while healing. Providers replace casting inventory and labor with a 30-second scan – and a custom-designed and fabricated device is delivered in 3-4 business days, eliminating the need for all future casting/splinting for the patient throughout their healing phases. ActivArmor casts can be locked-on or removable, thick or thin, custom coverage areas, and adaptable for use with advanced healing technologies like ultrasound bone stimulators. Patients advertise for the providing clinic with free logos on every device. ActivArmor devices are covered by insurance including Medicaid and Medicare (call specific clinics for coverage details). ActivArmor orthoses are being prescribed by medical providers for treatment of acute injuries like breaks and sprains, and for chronic conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in clinics across the country. Contact: Diana Hall 317 N. Main St., 2NE, Pueblo, CO 81003 (800) 583-6690

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