Pueblo, Colorado is ahead of the renewable energy game and is well positioned to be the clean energy leader in Colorado thanks to an ideal mix of sun, wind, and available land. The utilities that serve the city are transforming its energy infrastructure with significant solar and wind projects and aggressive carbon emission reduction goals.

Pueblo helps you meet your environmental goals while providing:

→ Excellent access to markets
→ Workforce development programs ranked in the top 10 nationally
→ Affordable cost of living for employees 

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Meet Pueblo’s Energy Providers


Black Hills Energy, the electric utility that serves most of the City and County of Pueblo, retired coal generation in Colorado in 2012 and boasts one of the cleanest generation fleets in the state. By 2024, they will generate more than 50% of their energy from wind and solar and will reduce carbon emissions by 70% from their 2005 baseline.

San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA) is a member of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. As a member, SIEA and its members will benefit from Tri-State’s clean energy transition outlined in its Responsible Energy Plan. By 2024, 50% of the energy members like SIEA use will come from renewables, and Tri-State is targeting an 80% reduction in emissions associated with wholesale electricity sales in Colorado by 2030 relative to a 2005 baseline.

Xcel Energy is the natural gas provider to Pueblo, promoting natural gas in a low carbon future by reducing methane and carbon emissions. Additionally, Xcel Energy is recognized as a national leader in clean power according to industry rankings. Xcel Energy Colorado is committed to providing 80% carbon free electricity by 2030 with an overall goal to provide 100% carbon free electricity by 2050. The Pueblo area plays a vital role in meeting those goals as host for multiple solar and battery storage projects.

The largest wind turbine manufacturing plant in the United States is right here, in Pueblo. These towers and turbines were used to construct Busch Ranch II, a 60-megawatt wind farm south of Pueblo, completed by Black Hills Electric Generation, LLC, which powers 28,000 homes

Thanks to a partnership between EVRAZ North America, Lighthouse PB and Xcel Energy, Pueblo is soon to be home to the first solar powered steel mill in North America.

The next generation of renewable energy technicians are trained in Pueblo. The community’s two institutes of higher education are developing energy modeling training programs. Pueblo Community College offers a Photovoltaic Panel Installation Certification program and an Electric Vehicle Technician Program.

CSU-Pueblo will be the first solar powered University in the United States. They recently signed a power purchase agreement to bring a $17 million solar panel power project to the University as the main generating source for the academic campus.

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