The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP) is nearing completion in the Mustard Agent Destruction Project in Pueblo, CO.  Over 1,000 highly skilled workers are ready for their next opportunity.


Over 65 % of these dedicated workers report that they intend to stay in Pueblo after their release.  This gives a highly unusual and advantageous chance for companies to hire skilled workforce on a planned schedule.

View this fireside chat to learn more about this project release and the potential it could have for your workforce needs.

Mark Williams, President of Strategic Development Group, moderates this conversation between:

Todd Ailes, PCAPP Project Manager; Dana Dorr, Workforce Planning Manager; Kevin Parent, Entegris / CMC Materials Plant Manager and Jeffrey Shaw, President/CEO of PEDCO.

You can watch the fireside chat in it’s entirety or the pulled snippets below.

Economic Impact of the PCAPP Project

Jeff Shaw discusses the tremendous opportunity that the planned and coordinated worker release from the PCAPP Project offers the Pueblo Community. PEDCO hopes to attract companies whose workforce needs align with the skilled workers that will soon become available.

Quality of the PCAPP Workforce

Todd Ailes describes the highly trained workforce that is soon to be released, their dedication to quality and desire to remain in the Pueblo community.

Skilled and Dedicated Workforce

Dana Dorr explain the classifications, training and skills of the workforce that will soon becoming available in Pueblo, CO.

Timeline of PCAPP Worker Release

Dana Dorr explains the the anticipated timeline for the PCAPP Worker Release.

Why Pueblo for Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Kevin Parrent explains the skill sets he has found in Pueblo’s workforce and the support he has received from the community.

Utility Reliability and Rail Access

Rail is a big deal for the Pueblo Community. Jeff Shaw and Kevin Parrent discuss the advantages of Pueblos location in servicing customers via road or rail in the Western US and well as the reliability of Pueblo’s utility providers.

Pueblo’s Infrastructure

Jeff Shaw outlines advantages of Pueblo’s Infrastructure which include: 3 City controlled Industrial Parks, including a heavy rail park, PEDCO’s ability to fund and build spec facilities and acquire sites, excellent transportation access by road and rail, and water capacity that can support heavy use industries.

Quality of life in Pueblo

There is a reason that the PCAPP workforce wants to stay in Pueblo, CO.

Manufacturing Employers

Pueblo is a manufacturing community and that is reflected in our workforce.

Heavy Rail in Pueblo

Mark Williams asks about the growth potential for heavy rail availably in Pueblo.  Jeff Shaw describes plans to increase rail capacity.

Workforce Resources